Albereta - Nipozzano, ring


AREAToscana - Firenze - Pelago
STARTAlbereta (S. Francesco)


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BUS STOPS. Francesco - Albereta
TRAIN STOPPontassieve (2,5 km)
AUTOSTRADA - HIGHWAYA1 Firenze Sud (24 km) - A1 Incisa - Reggello (19 km)


We recommend this tour loop starting from Albereta, with the return downhill. For Albereta is easy parking and many amenities (bars, shops, ...) and can be reached by bus (bus stop at St. Francis - 1 km) or by train (Pontassieve - 2.5 km).

Suitable for all seasons, it is exposed to wind and sun, beautiful and scenic.

We start walking along path 21, going on the road, passed under the railway, leading to the parish church. We keep on the sidewalk to the left and go up the road to a branch which, by a wide curve, down to the House of Rippio. Before we get to the house we pass under the viaduct road and then we go to the field to the woods to the north-east. The path 21 along the old country road, keeping the boundary between the forest and cultivated at the foot of the cliff of Nipozzano. Arrived to cross a road, go down a few meters south along route 12, which then rises suddenly in the vineyard. Following the edge of the vineyard goes east, then to South nell'oliveta, running alongside a grove (turn around to look at the view towards Nipozzano). The trail emerges in the fields of Torricella, passes next to a large cypress and arrives at the chapel of Torricella.

Here the trail 12 crosses the road and heads along high stone walls, at the crossroads of Poggiolino (above you can see the round tower, once a windmill, then dove). Take the path 15 towards East, past the house of the Poggiolino (wide view) and along a short stretch of paved road. You then go to the dirt road along the ridge to the vineyards where the trail 15 crosses the 21. Take the 21 down to the north and stop at the Belvedere, a building topped with a roof terrace that stretches the famous vineyards of Nipozzano.

Let us come down to the west, the village of Nipozzano, arriving in the great square of the Villa (wine tasting and local products). The village, villa, castle, deserve to be viewed with care. Let the backpack and take a ride with the camera: these are just steps away. You can climb up to the lower terrace of the castle.

Our itinerary continues on route 21 which, from the villa takes you directly to the church, through the village and head towards the gap west, where we leave the walls to descend steeply to the valley, touching the great houses of Valle di Sopra and Valley below, and recovering the local road that us back 'to Albereta.


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