Palaie - Pelago - Diacceto, ring

AREAToscana - Firenze - Pelago
STARTPalaie - Pelago - Diacceto


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MINI MARKET - GROCERYS. Francesco - Diacceto - Pelago
PARKINGPalaie - Diacceto - Pelago
BUS STOPPalaie - Diacceto - Pelago
TRAIN STOPPontassieve (3,5 km)
AUTOSTRADA - HIGHWAYA1 Firenze Sud (24 km)


The loop trail can start from Pelago, Diacceto or by Palaie.
We describe the itinerary starts from the Palaie: After crossing the main road (watch for traffic) initially falls to the south on the path 11 until you reach the junction with the path 11A that connects to the bottom of the valley.
Continue on trail 11 going towards the East, and for road (dust) comes near the Church of Popigliano. From here the trail 11 drops to Casa la Tana, back on the dirt road and then down in the vineyards towards the East.

We pass a small ditch and then continue along cultivated fields and vineyards, keeping the direction of the harvest season in the East we find the gates closed to protect the grapes from deer, remember to close them.

Passed near Court House descend into the country road that leads us to Linarino, where we go down the stream Vicano, where there is a bridge (branching path 16A). Continue on the trail 11 that left the stream, rises straight up to the castle in Pelago (on the right, below, stands the old medieval mill).

Cross the historic center rising in the north and the Oratory of the Crucifix, after crossing the provincial road, go up the Via del Cemetery, after which follow the path 22, in the direction of Castellare.
Past the farm, the way enter the road for Ferrano. Here we follow the signs along path 21 in a westerly direction towards the center of Diacceto.
Cross Diacceto (various services available), go down to the junction with the road to Falgano (North) and take by Santoni street, which descends towards the west. I went down to the bottom, we emerged right on a dirt road, through the fields, falls first to the north and then west.

After the derivation of the path 23, continue on 21, after a short climb takes us to the scenic ridge that descends parallel to the main road. At the fork, through the vineyards, take the path 15, which crossed the road to Nipozzano, follows the old road for a short Casentino, then move back (on the South) to the hill of Colombaiotto (panorama).

We arrive at the intersection with route 12: who was party to Diacceto or Pelago, and would hasten the time, can go with the 12 in a southerly direction, and reduce the path that, in its entirety, plans to continue on the path 15, passing near the village of Monsecco and then declined rapidly to Palaie.

For the length and exposure to the sun, the route is suitable for a cool day, but with soil dry enough to avoid the mud in the vineyards.


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