Sentieri di Toscana



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You can choose routes:

  • by LENGHT
  • by ASCENT

For each route you can download the track format. Kml, you can save on your smartphone and use as a guide for the excursion.

We recommend you to install on your smartphone a free voice guided navigation by GPS, as OruxMaps, GoogleMaps, and the like. When planning a trip download the track. Kml or the entire network of trails in an area. Through your application (such as OruxMaps for Android), you can also download background maps and save them on your smartphone. This will allow you to have:

- The layout of the route;
- Layout of paths;
- The background map with roads, rivers, settlements and contours.
All this makes you independent from the mobile phone network, which may not be available in some locations, in addition to requiring lengthy download times and thus reduce the battery life.

In any case, please use the smartphone sparingly, trying to maintain a good level of charge:
- Activate the navigation program and the GPS only when you have the need and the time necessary to find the right path;
- Hold the phone in stand-by;
- Remember that the phone should always have a reserve for emergency calls and to find the right path in case of need;
- If you have more than one phone with you, use one as GPS and leave the other as emergency phone.

Remember that in the mountains there may be areas not covered by the signal and that, in case of emergency, will be easy to rapidly consume the batteries to maintain communications. If you have difficulty in capturing the signal from the telephone network, move along the path trying to change the slope or valley.