Sentieri di Toscana



To reach the starting point for your excursions can be arranged virtually across the public transport network.

Please check the timetables through the link below, but be careful to interpret well the tables with the different variants.

This especially applies to the network of road, run by various groups is not coordinated with each other, which operate on the basis of times complicated and subject to a thousand variables: race festive days, take place on Saturdays, do not operate on Friday, the performed only on school days, limited travel to there, goes from there instead of here, but only on Thursdays, etc.. etc..

At the moment it does not seem possible to have, via the Web, a simple answer to a simple question: times of day for connections from point A to point B through the extra-urban bus network. It is much easier with trains: See TRENITALIA time table.

For the bus you can implement a first attempt by: muoversintoscana.regione.toscana.it but the instrument is not very practical. Many bus routes are served by extra-urban FSbusItalia times and you will find out: www.fsbusitalia.it

In any case it is better to ask for updated information on bus timetables by telephone companies to transport, since the changes are frequent. You can not say that the general organization of transport foster the use of public transport, with the exception of trains, which provide greater regularity and ease of information on the timing.

Pick up your tickets before you leave. Train tickets must be stamped (stamped) in the stations starting before saluire on board the bus tickets are stamped on board (up from the front door). If necessary, you can buy the ticket directly on the bus, paying a slight difference, it is not possible for the trains.